Monday, March 10, 2014


hmm. i'm usually check on my twitter every morning when i wake up from sleep.

and this was what had happened to me last Saturday.


starring on my phone. shocked.

MAS aircraft MH370 is missing? like seriously?

at first i thought it was just a rumors to stop the controversy on ehem2 (you know what i mean).

but hell no. its not.

it's real. a big REAL.

Allahu. speechless. T_T

i don't know how to react.

even none of my family involves in this case. but yeahh, we're human being. have feelings. have heart.

my condolence for them.

heyy. here a simple advice from me for people out there, STOP SPREADING RUMORS.

lets make a du'a for the passengers, cabin crews and also the pilots. keep updating the information from righteous sources and be patient.

(ingatlah, bila Allah kata jadi, maka jadilah. kita tiada kuasa untuk menentang kuasa DIA. Dia Maha Mengetahui setiap apa yang terjadi.)



  1. Salam perkenalan.
    Lets pray for them :)

  2. Done follow blog awk :)

    Mohon follow kembali blog saya :)

  3. thanks siti hajar and taufiq. will blogwalking to your blog soon :)