Monday, February 17, 2014

Careful what you wishing for !

what to update?

not sure what to update. hahaha. last time this blog updated was on september 2013!
how's life going maybe? hmmm.
Alhamdulillah, currently in my third year of studies. just another one year and a half, i'm going to graduate.
time flies so fast is it? even the Dean, my lecturer for Steel and Timber Design said the same thing!

I still remember, i asked Allah to make the time flies fast. so that i can graduate and have a job.
i need moneyyy ! haha. lols. seniors said when you're working later on, u'll miss you students' life.
me? yaaa, i already miss it before i officially leave UTM soon. lols me.
then Allah grant my du'a. (tahniah dan takziah. padan muka kau raja).
kesimpulannya sebelum nak mintak pape pada Yang Maha Kuasa, fikir dulu baik2.
carefull what you wishing for !

alaa, sape je nak baca blog kau tulis panjang2 ni?
no one? i dont mind. hee
its just like my temporary diary kot :p

pape je la. 
i need a hug. a hug from a cat maybe? :)
dah habis mengarut,


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